In the mood for some free hardware? Well then you're in luck: our awesome community team in conjunction with Toshiba is holding a giveaway for a trio of the company’s new TR200 SATA SSDs. Altogether we’re giving away one of each capacity: 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB.

Toshiba TR200 Specifications
Capacity 240GB 480GB 960GB
Controller Toshiba TC58NC1010 (Phison S11)
NAND Toshiba 256Gb 64L BiCS3 3D TLC Toshiba 512Gb 64L BiCS3 3D TLC
Sequential Read 555 MB/s 555 MB/s 555 MB/s
Sequential Write 540 MB/s 540 MB/s 540 MB/s
4KB Random Read 79k IOPS 82k IOPS 81k IOPS
4KB Random Write 87k IOPS 88k IOPS 88k IOPS
Write Endurance 60 TB 120 TB 240 TB
Form Factor SATA
Warranty Three Years

Our SSD-meister, Billy Tallis, took a look at Toshiba’s new TR200 drives earlier this month. As Toshiba’s newest generation of entry-level SATA drives, the drives are solid, but performance of the drive is understandably bounded by the limitations of the SATA interface and TLC NAND. However the drives also feature great idle power management, making them particularly useful as a laptop upgrade.

The giveaway is running through November 13th and is open to all US and UK residents. You can find the full details for entering the giveaway over on the storage section of our forums.

Source: AnandTech Forums

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  • Silma - Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - link

    In this day and age where most game streamers' giveaways are global, why can't Anandtech go global too ?

    Anyway, good luck to the US and UK based readers !
  • Reflex - Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - link

    They are not global because it is virtually impossible to comply with every nation's laws on giveaways and still have it make sense to run them at all after legal expenses. Yes many smaller sites and individuals do global giveaways, however they are certainly breaking the law in multiple countries when they do so.
  • Ryan Smith - Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - link


    I'd love to do global giveaways. However Purch as a company is not fond of getting taken to court for violating local giveaway laws.
  • ScottAD - Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - link

    Some countries require a winner be from their country. Which is ridiculous.
  • justaviking - Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - link

    How to link to a username profile?

    From the entry submission page...
    Already have a forum account? Perfect! Enter your username and get an easy entry!
    What is your username? Please input a hyperlink to your username profile.

    ... okay, I can enter a username, but the only "link" I can find takes me to where I can edit my email and password. I doubt that's what they're wanting. What am I missing?
  • grazapin - Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - link

    I just typed my username in there and it gave me the entry, no link involved.
  • justaviking - Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - link

    Yeah, that's what I did too.
    I simply wish they'd remove the "link" verbiage, since it does not seem to apply to the Anandtech forum. It only adds confusion.
  • HollyDOL - Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - link

    Not from US/UK so I am out anyway, but I am happy to see the effort on widening the target audience being made! Good work, AT
  • billygosta - Friday, December 22, 2017 - link

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