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07:12AM EDT - Huawei is having a launch event for its new Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro smartphones. The key headline for these devices is going to be the support for AI - the new Huawei Kirin 970 chipset has new AI features powered by some new IP. We got a glimpse into the hardware back at IFA, but we're expecting more details today. CEO of Huawei's Consumer Business Group, Richard Yu, is expected to take the stage.

07:12AM EDT - My neighbor for today is the CEO of Huawei CBG, Richard Yu

07:16AM EDT - We're seated pretty early

07:16AM EDT - Around 1000 press and customers are coming to this event

07:17AM EDT - As it's not at a show (like IFA), there was a mini rush for the door when it opened, but the hall is still filling up

07:18AM EDT - Today we're getting the Mate 10 and the Mate 10 Pro smartphones being announced

07:18AM EDT - Using Huawei's new Kirin 970, with added AI focused hardware

07:18AM EDT - We covered the Kirin 970 launch back at IFA, and went into some detail

07:18AM EDT - https://www.anandtech.com/show/11815/huawei-mate-10-and-mate-10-pro-launch-on-october-16th-more-kirin-970-details

07:18AM EDT - Some more detail is coming out today

07:19AM EDT - The press event starts at 2pm local, should finish around 3pm. All embargoes on information and prebriefing will happen at 3pm as well

07:23AM EDT - Richard Yu on one side, @alexdobie from Android Central on the other

07:23AM EDT - Regarding the Kirin Neural Processing Unit, the NPU

07:24AM EDT - At IFA, Huawei stated a capability of 1.92 TFLOPs of FP16. This is about 2x what Apple can provide with its Neural Engine

07:24AM EDT - I'm still unclear about what that extra performance will get me in terms of AI

07:25AM EDT - It depends on the app, of course, but we don't have any good examples of AI-accelerated apps yet

07:25AM EDT - It will take a while before we will, as well. It's a very big hammer, and everything will look like a nail to begin with

07:39AM EDT - 20 minutes to go

07:43AM EDT - It's getting warm with all the bodies here. Mobile connectivity isn't happening, as we're underground. But the Wi-Fi is stable so far

07:45AM EDT - There's an event cameraman with a large camera walking back and forth. He's going to get in the way at some point, I feel it

07:51AM EDT - 10 minute notification

07:51AM EDT - 10 minute notification

07:56AM EDT - I wonder how many press try to stream during the event

07:59AM EDT - 1 minute to go

08:00AM EDT - Here we go

08:01AM EDT - Richard Yu to the stage

08:02AM EDT - Last year was the Mate 9, this year Mate 10

08:02AM EDT - Last 10 years, record growth in smartphones

08:03AM EDT - People are spending less time watchi the TV, less time on the PC: now using the smartphone

08:05AM EDT - People are spending less time watchi the TV, less time on the PC: now using the smartphone

08:05AM EDT - People spending above 6-7-8 hours on a smartphone per day

08:05AM EDT - Need better performance and better battery life

08:06AM EDT - Last month we launched the first smartphone chipset with AI inside

08:06AM EDT - People are eager to use our platform on the flagship phone

08:06AM EDT - Announcing the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro

08:06AM EDT - Design, Performance

08:06AM EDT - Huawei Mate series, every generation the performance gets better

08:06AM EDT - Camera also gets better

08:07AM EDT - Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, FullView Display

08:07AM EDT - 'Almost borderless'

08:07AM EDT - Mate 10 Pro: 6-inch 2160x1080 , NTSC 112%

08:08AM EDT - Doesn't say how many nits, I think 730 ?

08:08AM EDT - 6 inch screen in the body of a 5.5-inch device

08:08AM EDT - Mate 10 has 2560x1440 RGBW display. That's more than the Pro, but the Pro is OLED

08:09AM EDT - 730 nits there

08:09AM EDT - Designed for text reading and web browsing

08:10AM EDT - With RGBW display, uses a lot lower power with a white background

08:10AM EDT - Backlight power saving up to 14%

08:10AM EDT - (Photos are slow to upload, sorry about the lag)

08:11AM EDT - Mate 10 has same screen as Mate 9, but smartphone is much more compact

08:11AM EDT - 6.4mm shorter, 1.1mm less width

08:12AM EDT - 9532mm2 of screen on Mate 10, 9317 mm2 of screen on Mate 10 Pro

08:12AM EDT - Compared to 8047 mm2 on iPhone X

08:12AM EDT - 'No round corners on display'

08:12AM EDT - More comfortable to most users

08:13AM EDT - No notch, no corner, no display errors

08:13AM EDT - higher screen to body ratio

08:13AM EDT - 4000 mAh

08:14AM EDT - slimmer than Note 8, but 20% larger battery

08:15AM EDT - Narrow bezel with fingerprint sensor

08:15AM EDT - iPhone 8 Plus requires 18.4mm, Mate 10 only needs 10.6 mm

08:15AM EDT - 'world's first 4.5 G smartphone'

08:16AM EDT - One tap unlock with Huawei is 0.33s in one step. iPhone takes 3 steps

08:17AM EDT - Natural fingerprint position for the Mate 10 Pro

08:17AM EDT - Supports HDR10

08:17AM EDT - New signature Huawei stripe

08:18AM EDT - Summilux-H 1/1.6 cameras

08:18AM EDT - Our design DNA

08:18AM EDT - Symmetrical design

08:19AM EDT - No notch on the display

08:19AM EDT - Mix of metal and 3D glass

08:20AM EDT - Curved on the back, 'a perfect fit for holding'

08:20AM EDT - Multi-Layer glass

08:20AM EDT - Mate 10 Pro is IP67 rated

08:21AM EDT - Huawei Mate 10 is IP53 rated

08:21AM EDT - 'We actually do better than IP53'

08:21AM EDT - First color for Mate 10 Pro is Titanium Grey

08:21AM EDT - Mate 10 Pro: Mocha Brown

08:21AM EDT - Mate 10 Pro: Midnight Blue

08:22AM EDT - Mate 10 Pro: Pink Gold

08:22AM EDT - Mate 10: Champagne Gold

08:23AM EDT - Mate 10: Black

08:23AM EDT - Mate 10: Pink Gold

08:23AM EDT - Four colors each

08:24AM EDT - Mate 10 also Mocha Brown

08:24AM EDT - Now onto 'Ultimate Luxury'

08:24AM EDT - last year partnered with Porsche Design

08:24AM EDT - We sold all our Porsche Design Mate 9 phones, 10x our expectations

08:24AM EDT - CEO of Porsche Design onto stage: Dr Jan Becker

08:25AM EDT - Coming to the market before the end of the year

08:25AM EDT - It was the starting point of a very successful cooperation

08:26AM EDT - Reached six figures of sales in one year

08:26AM EDT - completely sold out Mate 9

08:26AM EDT - Common goal bringing design and performance together

08:26AM EDT - meeting high demands of customers

08:26AM EDT - unique design language

08:27AM EDT - (still waiting for photos to upload, sorry)

08:27AM EDT - addresses priority and performance

08:27AM EDT - signature Diamond Black design

08:27AM EDT - Special Porsche Design interface

08:27AM EDT - Equipped 256 GB of storage

08:27AM EDT - Precision and speed of a Porsche 911

08:28AM EDT - We are certain this device will be better than our predecessor

08:28AM EDT - committed and delighted to the collaboration

08:28AM EDT - plan to keep surprising customers in the future

08:28AM EDT - Richard back to the stage

08:29AM EDT - Inspired by speed

08:29AM EDT - 'Automotive Surfacing'

08:29AM EDT - Ceramic-look

08:30AM EDT - Includes two fast chargers, two leather cases, and earpieces

08:30AM EDT - Video time

08:32AM EDT - Now for performance

08:32AM EDT - 'Advanced computing power, fastest connectivity, fastest charging'

08:33AM EDT - Huawei AI Engine = Kirin 970 + EMUI 8.0

08:33AM EDT - 10nm process

08:33AM EDT - 5.5 billion transistors

08:33AM EDT - Mali G72

08:34AM EDT - Neural Processing Unit (NPU)

08:34AM EDT - AI performance: performance 25x better than CPU, efficiency 50x better than CPU

08:34AM EDT - 20x faster than the competition

08:35AM EDT - 100 photos: iPhone 8 Plus takes 9 seconds, Mate 10 Pro takes 5 seconds, Note 8 takes 100 seconds

08:35AM EDT - video

08:35AM EDT - said hexagon DSP

08:35AM EDT - Need to check this video later

08:36AM EDT - 2000 images per minute

08:37AM EDT - 18 month stay fast

08:37AM EDT - Application response time increase 10% over 18 months - Galaxy S7 goes up 195%

08:38AM EDT - Next level of AI interactivity

08:38AM EDT - Now discussing Stay Fast

08:39AM EDT - Replicates real world

08:39AM EDT - > My main issue with this 'technology' is that Huawei has offered very little aside from the surface explanation. I want to do a deep dive with them about this feature

08:40AM EDT - Mate 10 Pro supports 4x4 MIMO, 4CC CA (FDDx3, TDDx2) and 256-QAM

08:40AM EDT - First one for 1.2 Gbps

08:41AM EDT - Dual 4G Dual VoLTE

08:41AM EDT - Huawei GEO Enhanced GPS

08:41AM EDT - Multisensor navigation

08:41AM EDT - Inertia tracking and offline data - barometric and altitude date

08:42AM EDT - data*

08:42AM EDT - Accurate GPS in tunnels, multi-path roundabouts, double decker roads

08:43AM EDT - Mate 10 has 30% better battery life over Mate 9

08:44AM EDT - 1 day heavy user, 2 days normal user

08:44AM EDT - Intelligent power management

08:44AM EDT - (and probably better A73/A53 RTLs, being second generation A73/A53)

08:45AM EDT - Now slamming on wireless charging

08:45AM EDT - TUV Certified battery

08:46AM EDT - 600 battery cycles, 1000 system cycles

08:46AM EDT - -33 to +55 C tested temperatures

08:46AM EDT - Batteries tested up to 130C

08:47AM EDT - Drop tests performed so battery is undamaged after each drop

08:47AM EDT - Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro are the first safe fastcharge devices certified by TUV Rheinland

08:47AM EDT - Now Intelligent Photography

08:48AM EDT - Using AI Engine for intelligence

08:48AM EDT - 12MP RGB + 20MP Monochrome, both f/1.6

08:48AM EDT - 4-in-1 focus

08:48AM EDT - OIS

08:48AM EDT - Hybrid Zoom

08:50AM EDT - Photo demo now

08:50AM EDT - Dual ISPs

08:51AM EDT - faster response, faster focus, motion shooting, low light photography

08:52AM EDT - 'Making Artistic Photography Intelligent'

08:52AM EDT - AI network has already been trained over 100 million images for real-time object recognition

08:54AM EDT - Now a live demo

08:55AM EDT - The camera detects that its a food, or a plant, and adjusting appropriately

08:56AM EDT - No need to set up a shot - can get an instant picture

08:56AM EDT - > The point is that the phone is picking one of the presets, not doing anything more complicated

08:56AM EDT - > Maybe as a feature, that is all that is needed

08:56AM EDT - AI Selphie mode

08:56AM EDT - AI Zoom that makes zoomed text easier to read

08:57AM EDT - Now for Intelligent Experience

08:57AM EDT - EMUI 8.0 with Android 8.0

08:58AM EDT - Dynamic wallpaper based on time

08:58AM EDT - FullView HD Display UI Optimization

08:59AM EDT - Multi-column display in 18:9 (Mate 10 Pro)

08:59AM EDT - Supports split screen mode

09:00AM EDT - One-Step Shortcut supported

09:00AM EDT - Supports Mobile Device Management

09:02AM EDT - Lossless audio, supports 384kHz / 32-bit audio

09:02AM EDT - > Supporting that much is a bit over the top

09:02AM EDT - Huawei Easy Talk

09:03AM EDT - AI identifies voice and intelligent background noise reduction

09:03AM EDT - PC Mode

09:03AM EDT - Doesn't need a dock, just a Type-C

09:04AM EDT - (You really need a dock to use it as a PC)

09:04AM EDT - Switch to PC Mode, loads in a few seconds

09:05AM EDT - Multi-task, file system

09:05AM EDT - use both screens independently

09:06AM EDT - Copy content from apps on phone, paste into apps on desktop

09:06AM EDT - Uses the touchpad to do a presentation from the phone

09:06AM EDT - calls and texts stay on the phone, not onto desktop mode

09:07AM EDT - Use the phone as a phone while a video is running on the desktop mode

09:07AM EDT - Only need a Mate 10 and a video cable

09:08AM EDT - video time

09:09AM EDT - Our news is now up: https://www.anandtech.com/show/11935/huawei-mate-10-pro-hands-on-with-kirin-970

09:10AM EDT - Also Image translation with Microsoft

09:10AM EDT - > That was quickly bypassed...

09:10AM EDT - VP of Android and Google Play to the stage, Jamie Rosenberg

09:11AM EDT - One of the first flagships with Android Oreo

09:11AM EDT - Listing Android 8 features

09:12AM EDT - Mate 10 involves AI technology investment

09:12AM EDT - Computing is undergoing a shift from mobile first to AI first

09:12AM EDT - Devices will be able to see, hear and speak in ways that haven't been possible before

09:12AM EDT - The NPU can complex AI tasks on the device

09:12AM EDT - The Mate 10 will include Android's Neural Network API

09:13AM EDT - Giving developers access to AI hardware

09:13AM EDT - Android NN APIs will be in an update early next year

09:13AM EDT - Supports Android Connect

09:14AM EDT - Allows personal data to be separated from business data

09:14AM EDT - IT devices and be provisioned over the air

09:15AM EDT - Now back to Richard

09:15AM EDT - Building an open AI ecosystem

09:16AM EDT - 'Infinite Innovations with Open AI Ecosystem'

09:16AM EDT - Need developers to develop AI apps

09:17AM EDT - Now going through the accessories - leather covers, power bank, supercharge car charger

09:18AM EDT - hi-resolution digital headphones

09:18AM EDT - Huawei's own 360 camera - EnVizion 360

09:19AM EDT - > Final product video, then I assume pricing

09:20AM EDT - > With the AI-accelerated scene recognition, Huawei could market this as a pet and food smartphone

09:20AM EDT - > Insert more cats please

09:21AM EDT - Mate 10 with 4GB/64GB is 699 Euro from November

09:21AM EDT - Mate 10 Pro - 6 GB/128GB from 799 Euro, Nov 2017

09:21AM EDT - Mate 10 Porsche Design, 6GB / 256 GB, 1395 Euro from Nov 2017

09:22AM EDT - That's a wrap. Time to pick up a sample. Our initial analysis can be found at https://www.anandtech.com/show/11935/huawei-mate-10-pro-hands-on-with-kirin-970

09:22AM EDT - .

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  • Potato Cat - Monday, October 16, 2017 - link

    watching this and reading this at the same time #multitasking #RIPeyes
  • Potato Cat - Monday, October 16, 2017 - link

    they are poking at apple and samsung hard
  • Potato Cat - Monday, October 16, 2017 - link

    his accent is kinda hard to understand thou
  • Potato Cat - Monday, October 16, 2017 - link

    he's from mainland china so it's understandable
  • Potato Cat - Monday, October 16, 2017 - link

    poking fun at the notch from apple and the fingerprint scanner from samsung is fun
  • Potato Cat - Monday, October 16, 2017 - link

    mate 10 Porsche design, huge fingerprint magnet
  • Potato Cat - Monday, October 16, 2017 - link

    even poking at exploding / expanding batteries, GG apple/samsung
  • damianrobertjones - Monday, October 16, 2017 - link

    The lack of capitals makes me want to cry.
  • Potato Cat - Monday, October 16, 2017 - link

    Sorry man, was typing this like bullet comments to the Keynote
  • haj - Monday, October 16, 2017 - link

    Wonder if it will be able to use the internet via cellular while connected to one of my (canon,fuji,olympus,gopro) cameras WIFI... This has never worked on any of my phones (and last I checked we are in 2017).

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