PM Forum - Q3/2003: Part 2

by Andrew Ku on September 21, 2003 9:43 PM EST

We are back with part two of the PM Forum. Part one covered the RDRAM support situation, the possible future of integrated graphics in the high-end market, the Athlon64 benefits, upgrade cycles of Intel chipset based motherboards, and the ability of the Opteron processor to make it in the high-end mainstream market. In part two, product managers give us feed back on topics such as VIA’s market perception, diversification of motherboard companies into other technology mediums, the roles of Intel and AMD, features to expect in motherboards down the road, and the timeline of HyperThreading to make it in the mainstream market.

Participant - Official Title, Company.

Hunter Lee – Product Manager, ABIT Computer
Darryl Chan – Marketing Division Director, Albatron Technology Co., LTD.
Gerald Wang – Sr. Director, AOpen Inc.
Richard Liu – Product Manager, Asustek Computer Inc.
Steven Kuo – Product Manager, Chaintech Computer
Fanny Chen – Product Manager, DFI
Eric Kuo – Deputy Manager, Elitegroup Computer Systems
Calvin Yen – Product Manager, Epox Computer Co., LTD.
Chris Wang – Director of Product Marketing Division, Giga-Byte Technology
Scott Yang – Senior Product Manager, Micro-Star International Co., LTD.
Jonathan Yi – V.P. of Product Marketing, Shuttle Inc.
Tom Yang – Section Manager of Product Marketing Division, SOYO Computer Inc.
John Nguyen – Product Manager, Tyan Computer

The current and future perception of VIA...
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  • Anonymous User - Tuesday, September 23, 2003 - link

    Irregardless isn't a real word. Just so you know ;).
  • Anonymous User - Monday, September 22, 2003 - link

    Love these articles. Keep up the good work.

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