At its 2023 Technology Symposium TSMC revealed some additional details about its upcoming N4X technology that is designed specifically for high-performance computing (HPC) applications. This node promises to enable ultra-high performance and improve efficiency while maintaining IP compatibility with N4P (4 nm-class) process technology. "N4X truly sets a new benchmark for how we can push extreme performance while minimizing the leakage power penalty," said Yujun Li, TSMC's director of business development who is in charge of the foundry's High Performance Computing Business Division. TSMC's N4X technology belongs to the company's N5 (5 nm-class) family, but it is enhanced in several ways and is optimized for voltages of 1.2V and higher in overdrive mode. To achieve higher performance and efficiency, TSMC's N4X improves transistor design in three three...

TSMC Unveils N4X Node: Extreme High-Performance at High Voltages

TSMC this week announced a new fabrication process that is tailored specifically for high-performance computing (HPC) products. N4X promises to combine transistor density and design rules of TSMC's N5-family...

42 by Anton Shilov on 12/17/2021

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