With NVIDIA’s fall GTC event in full swing, the company touched upon the bulk of its core business in one way or another in this morning’s keynote. On the enterprise side of matters, one of the longest-awaited updates was the shipment status of NVIDIA’s H100 “Hopper” accelerator, which at introduction was slated to land in Q3 of this year. As it turns out, with Q3 already nearly over H100 is not going to make its Q3 availability date. But, according to NVIDIA the accelerator is in full production, and the first systems will be shipping from OEMs in October.

The NVIDIA GeForce Project Beyond and GTC Fall 2022 Keynote Live Blog (Starts at 8am PT/15:00 UTC)

Kicking off a bit later this morning will be NVIDIA’s GTC 2022 fall keynote, which should prove to be a very interesting event. Besides NVIDIA’s usual run-through of business announcements...

48 by Ryan Smith & Gavin Bonshor on 9/20/2022

NVIDIA Hopper GPU Architecture and H100 Accelerator Announced: Working Smarter and Harder

Depending on your point of view, the last two years have either gone by very slowly, or very quickly. While the COVID pandemic never seemed to end – and...

88 by Ryan Smith on 3/22/2022

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