GT 540M

In late 2010, we reviewed the ASRock Vision 3D, and declared it to be the best pre-built SFF (small form factor) HTPC we had reviewed. ASRock duly updated the lineup late last year with the Vision 3D 252B. It took over from the Vision 3D 137B as the flagship HTPC system from ASRock. On paper, the Vision 3D 252B appears to be an ideal candidate to take over the reins of the 137B as the most powerful and capable HTPC in its class. The capabilities come at a considerable price premium compared to what one may be able to build oneself (with a slightly larger chassis and higher rated PSU). With Ivy Bridge based systems already in-store, mobile Sandy Bridge systems are bound to...

CyberpowerPC's Compal PBL21: The Shark's New Teeth

The last time we took a look at a Compal whitebook (again courtesy of CyberpowerPC), we noted to Compal that their whitebook wasn't a shark, perfect and needing no...

16 by Dustin Sklavos on 7/11/2011

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