Last year we put out our first ever public Call for Writers. Over the past year we've added many new faces to AnandTech and we're looking to do it again. It takes a great deal of time to cover the products that we do on AnandTech and we continue to have more to review and analyze than we have time to actually review and analyze them. We need your help.

I'm continually impressed by how ridiculously smart our readers are. The comments in our articles alone are some of the most well informed content on the web. You guys know your stuff. Which is why we turn to you for writers.
This time around we have some more specific needs that need to be filled, although we're always looking for more writers in general. The categories we're looking for writers are below:
Video Cards
Storage (NAND based and HDDs)
If you find that you're passionate about another topic that isn't listed, please get in touch with us. Although those are the areas we're looking for, we always need more writers across the board.
You'll also note that there's a new category listed above: News. In 2011 you will see the return of regular news and short form content to AnandTech. We've been doing a bit of that lately but we're looking to expand it. If you're up to date on what's going on in tech and want to keep others up to date as well, this may be a good fit for you.
The rules are the same as before. If you're interested in writing for AnandTech, simply email your name, location (you can write from anywhere) and a writing sample to callforwriters AT anandtech DOT com. The writing sample can be any of the following:
1) A sample of a product review you've written. This can be any product in the categories mentioned below, the review can follow any format and be of any length. Ultimately your content would live on AnandTech, so take a look at our reviews and how we do things and keep that in mind as you submit your sample. You don't need complete testing. If you don't have things to compare the product being reviewed to just outline how you would test, what tests you'd run, what you'd compare to and how. Obviously the more complete your sample is, the better it looks :)
2) A sample guide. This can be a how to, a tutorial, or anything of the sort. I'd caution you against submitting a guide to building a PC, try to do something a bit more unique.
3) A sample analysis piece/column/editorial. This would be something similar to our Micron ClearNAND analysis or my take on the Google Chrome OS announcement. Again, these are just examples, think of something creative on your own :)
4) A sample set of blog/news posts. We're looking to bring back some tech news to AT with the new site. Submit a handful of interesting stories along with your brief analysis. These can be product announcements, interesting revelations around the web, drawing attention to a forum post, etc...
We'll read every submission although we won't always be able to respond to each one.
If you enjoy the site, if you like what we do and think you'd like to be a bigger part of it - drop us a line. As always, thanks for reading!
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  • marraco - Sunday, December 19, 2010 - link

    I once read about installing windows on a hacked hand-made device of USB pen drives (kind of software RAID0).

    It was crazy, but had his benefits over hard disks, (today can't compete against even the cheaper SSD), and the article was amazing, entertaining and invited to dream. Even if it reached the conclusion that HDD had advantages that cannot be forgotten.

    I wish to read about that kind of experiments. Even if it makes nonsense or have some fundamental flaw, it is interesting on itself, and seeds investigation and development.

    Some thing which I want to experiment (but can't do on my PC) is to RAID a SSD to an HDD partition.

    It should result on added large files performance, and random 4 Kb should be far worse than SSD alone, but better than HDD.

    In some scenarios, it should make sense. Also a JBOD hybrid RAID probably makes sense.

    So, I are asking for more experimental/frontier articles, instead of just hardware reviews, which are the core of Anandtech.
  • xodius80 - Tuesday, December 21, 2010 - link

    i would love to write some reviews for the spanish comunity that i know come here for some good advice in what to choose and learn about the new tech. Let me know if you are interested Anand! it would be fresh idea and could open more user DB, and somthing that other popular web pages dont offer.
  • CrazyGPU - Wednesday, December 22, 2010 - link

    I wrote an article for Anandtech a couple of days ago called " The GPU performance Analysis". I hope you like it guys. Its not very scientific but it has soul, spirit and Passion. :).

    I normally write independent articles but in spanish for a publication that is read in Argentina and Mexico.
  • TareX - Thursday, December 23, 2010 - link

    This question is probably a bullet in the head, but for the life of me I can't seem to find the email address I'm supposed to contact....
  • Aircraft123 - Friday, December 24, 2010 - link

    I sent in my writing sample about a week or so ago. I know you probably are inundated with mails and you mentioned in the instructions that you couldn't reply to everyone but I was wondering if someone could confirm that you received my submission.

    it was a Samsung Focus Review from Robert Neal

    from robert AT cs DOT odu DOT edu

    Thanks in advance and perhaps I'll see you at CES.

  • Xtrafresh - Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - link

    Forgive the pun, but is there any news on this? The article doesn't mention a deadline or when you'll be contacting people, i'd like to know when to stop dreaming at least :p
  • StriderGT - Monday, January 10, 2011 - link

    I second that, could you please inform us whether the whole process is still active? I sent an article on January the 7th from my account and since there is no deadline, I do not know whether you have received it/read it, even if it is eligible for the competition...

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