Update 2020/04/02: Thank you to everyone who has applied to our call for writers. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, a great deal has quickly changed in the world and in the news publishing business. As a result, I've had to drop our plans for the time being to expand the AnandTech team.

I appreciate everyone who took the time to apply and submit samples for the job, and I hope that this current pandemic will resolve itself soon. In the meantime I have gone through the applications, and if we're in a position to resume hiring again later this year, I will be using those applications to reach out to candidates.

-Ryan Smith

The Call for Writers is something of an annual tradition over here at AnandTech. As anyone who follows the site knows very well, the list of things we have to review/cover easily exceeds our available time. So the call for writers gives us a chance to find new talent and new opportunities to grow, be it into new coverage areas entirely or just covering more of the existing products our readers have come to enjoy over the years.

The ultimate purpose of the Call for Writers is to find new talent. To continue to grow and improve our content, we need your help. We're looking for writers with a true passion for the technology we cover, a deep understanding of what's out there and a thirst for more knowledge.

We're looking for contributors to help out both with reviews as well as our short-to-medium form Pipeline coverage. The areas in particular we're looking for help with are listed below:

  • News/Pipeline (PC)
  • News/Pipeline (Mobile)
  • Networking
  • GPUs (US-only)
  • Systems/Laptops (US-only)
  • Mobile/Smartphones (US/Canada & Europe)
  • Memory
  • Community Manager (US-only)
  • Storage (Inc. Solid State)
  • Monitors
  • Home Automation/IoT
  • Professional Graphics/GPU

If you find yourself at the intersection of knowledge and passion about any of those areas, and have some time to contribute, you're exactly what we're looking for. These are paid, part-time positions that we're looking to fill, with most positions open on a world-wide basis, and certain positions primed for a quick promotion to full-time. What I need is a writing sample that demonstrates your ability to talk about any one of these topics. Your sample can be in the form of a review, a pipeline post or an analysis piece - it should be something that looks like it would fit in on AnandTech.

Once you've produced it, send it on over to callforwriters@anandtech.com. Please also include a description of what subject(s) you would be interested in writing about, and some basic information about your background and where you're located. We'll read through all samples, but we can't guarantee a reply due to the sheer volume of submissions we tend to receive. If we like what you've sent and there's a potential fit on the team, we'll be in touch.

And even if we aren't, please don't hesitate in trying again next year; anyone who has applied before is welcome to apply again. 2019 was a banner year for us, for example, and we had many more good submissions than we could realistically respond to.

I'll conclude this post with a passage from our About page:

In the early days of technology reporting on the web the focus was almost exclusively on depth. We had a new medium for content that didn't come with the same restrictions as more traditional forms. We could present as much data as we felt was necessary and we could do it quicker.

As the web grew, so did the approach to gaining readership. In many cases, publishers learned from the tips and tricks of more traditional media to growing their audience. The focus shifted away from ultimate understanding of what was being reported, to producing content significantly motivated by increasing traffic, or revenue, or both. Thorough observations were out; sensationalism, link baiting, and the path to shallow 10-o'clock-news reporting were in.

While I believe it's definitely easier to produce content by going this route, I don't believe it's the only way to build a well read website.

If the above resonates with you and you'd like to help by being a part of something different, I'd encourage you to submit a writing sample.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old do I need to be to work for AnandTech?
A: You need to be old enough to legally work in your country of residence without significant restriction. Otherwise we have no specific requirements so long as you can do the job well. Anand started the site at 14, after all...

Q: Do I need to be located in the United States to work for AnandTech?
A: Some positions do require that you be in the US for logistical reasons, and those specific positions are noted. However unless otherwise noted, most positions are open on a world-wide basis.

Q: Do I need to supply my own products for testing or contacts at companies? (i.e. do I need to be an insider?)
A: No. Assuming for the moment you have a computer to write on, then you already have the most important piece of equipment that you need. Meanwhile you will need some knowledge of the field at hand, but we will introduce you to the people you need to know for your position at AnandTech.

Q: Can I really work for AnandTech even though I don't have a Ph.D in electrical engineering?
A: Yes! We are first and foremost looking for people with a passion to learn, and the knack to make it happen. There's a certain degree of baseline knowledge needed for any given position, but if you can read existing AnandTech articles then you're already half-way there.

Q: Is there a submission deadline?
A: We have a tentative end point for March 21st



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  • evernessince - Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - link

    #1 feature it needs is a report button. Article comments are downright toxic or trolling 90% of the time. Reply
  • zmatt - Thursday, February 20, 2020 - link

    That's a bit of an exaggeration don't you think? There seems to be one spam comment on every thread but that's far from 90%. As for toxic, that's all in the eye of the beholder. Some people have a high tolerance for it while others consider even the smallest disagreement to be harassment. Reply
  • bigboxes - Saturday, February 22, 2020 - link

    Well put me down for a report button. Garbage spam and trolling comments stay up forever. Very toxic. Reply
  • The Garden Variety - Sunday, February 23, 2020 - link

    Anadtech comment threads have a reputation for being as toxic as Slashdot if not more so (minus the racism and white power stuff, but slashdot is barely human at this point). Spam posts with obvious scam links remain visible for weeks at a time. A report button is a bare minimum to regain some semblance of maturity. Reply
  • evernessince - Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - link

    Yes, they can migrate to an entirely new platform or they can install a plugin that adds editing or other features for a fraction of the cost and time.

    Unless there are fundamental issues with their current platform, you are creating unnecessary work.
  • Threska - Thursday, February 20, 2020 - link

    But...but...SHINY! Not to mention it needs to be open source just in case author gets hit by a bus. Reply
  • cbm80 - Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - link

    You need an editor more than anything. Though I get it, it's not easy for an ad supported site to survive and you probably can't afford one. Reply
  • flyingpants265 - Saturday, February 22, 2020 - link

    This is a multi-million dollar website. Reply
  • Stochastic - Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - link

    Does Anandtech have any interest in expanding its podcast and/or video production? I feel like there is a huge opportunity for Anandtech to reach a larger audience via Youtube and podcast platforms. There are plenty of other tech focused sites that still put out text content but also produce videos (Gamers Nexus, Digital Foundry, etc). I still think Anandtech is the gold standard in terms of methodology and depth of reporting, so it would be nice if they could pair up with a video producer. Reply
  • Ryan Smith - Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - link

    More podcasting is on the schedule for this year. Though it does require freeing up Ian a bit so that he can find time to actually record them. Reply

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