12:02PM EDT - 'The New Normal

12:02PM EDT - 'The New Normal'

12:03PM EDT - Being able to get things done instantly as the new normal

12:03PM EDT - We're here at Samsung's press event. Made it last minute!

12:03PM EDT - Samsung is committed to innovation inspired by its users

12:04PM EDT - To drive change on a scale nothing short of incredible

12:04PM EDT - We have to understand how the things we make will fit into your life

12:04PM EDT - Wow moments with a sense of wonder

12:05PM EDT - 'Championing the impossible'

12:05PM EDT - >Lots of buzz words so far, just stating that Samsung is committed to user experience

12:06PM EDT - 'If you compress history of earth into one day, humans have been about for 1 second'. (I thought it was 5 seconds?)

12:06PM EDT - More talking about user experience

12:06PM EDT - 'We are now in an age where devices react to us, not the other way around'

12:07PM EDT - 'More people today consider themselves early adopters - we love early adopters'

12:07PM EDT - Today is about craftsmanship, creativity, and creating the impossible

12:07PM EDT - health, food, finance and dating

12:08PM EDT - Now discussing what 'the new normal' should be

12:08PM EDT - ''The power of great art'

12:09PM EDT - Giving galleries new and established a platform to share images

12:09PM EDT - Announcing a new 43-inch smart frame, along 55-inch and 65-inch

12:10PM EDT - Association with the Prado museum in Madrid, art will be available on the frame

12:10PM EDT - There's a gallery at the IFA booth on the show floor

12:10PM EDT - Over 100 curated art pieces, and purchase over 1000 art pieces

12:11PM EDT - and upload your own

12:11PM EDT - Now TVs

12:11PM EDT - Requests for more range of TVs

12:11PM EDT - New Premium QLED for Europe, the Q8F

12:11PM EDT - flat version of QFC, in 55inch and 65inch models

12:12PM EDT - now 14 models of QLED TVs in Europe

12:12PM EDT - 'Will samsung be re-entering the OLED market any time soon?' 'We're reaffirming our commitment to QLED which scales and doesn't have burn-in issues'

12:12PM EDT - So Samsung OLED is dead.

12:12PM EDT - on TVs at least

12:13PM EDT - There's a Samsung HDR10 and QLED summit tomorrow

12:13PM EDT - 'QLED should be an open platform for stand designers'

12:13PM EDT - Samsung run a competition for stand designers, final 5 designs will be judged at IFA

12:14PM EDT - Until today, HDR was focused on TVs

12:14PM EDT - Presenting, worlds first HDR QLED gaming monitor

12:14PM EDT - Samsung CHG90

12:14PM EDT - 32:9 , 49 inches wide

12:15PM EDT - world's largest gaming monitor

12:15PM EDT - Usually a curved is 4-6 ms response time, down to 1ms with 144 Hz refresh rate with this new monitor

12:15PM EDT - HDR compatible with NVIDIA GPUs

12:16PM EDT - By downloading Samsung TV SteamLink app, can run 4K60 on a Samsung TV

12:16PM EDT - first TV manufacturer to offer this

12:16PM EDT - Home Appliances now, new presenter Dan Harvie to the stage

12:17PM EDT - 'New Normal' is about meaningful innovation

12:17PM EDT - Samsung 'AddWash' allows users to add items mid-cycle

12:17PM EDT - 'We test so these features just work'

12:17PM EDT - 'You can rely on it every day'

12:18PM EDT - Always a tradeoff between speed and performance

12:18PM EDT - 'What if I said you can get 100% perf in half time?

12:18PM EDT - Announcing Samsung QDrive (QuickDrive)

12:19PM EDT - Uses a backplate spinning in opposite direction to move the water about more in the same time

12:19PM EDT - 66 min load for cotton at 40C vs 132 min

12:20PM EDT - 39 mins in superspeed mode

12:20PM EDT - So two motors

12:21PM EDT - 'We asked independent testing agencies to test if it is still efficient on energy' 'It cuts energy by 20%'

12:21PM EDT - New AI powered laundry assistant

12:21PM EDT - Tell it the color, how dirty it is, and it'll give you the right setting needed

12:22PM EDT - Keeps track of state of components so everything is still working

12:22PM EDT - Adds the exact amount of detergent needed

12:22PM EDT - Also features addwash

12:22PM EDT - (Yes, it's a washing machine)

12:22PM EDT - 'Saves up to 10 days a year in the average home'

12:23PM EDT - Now vacuum cleaners

12:23PM EDT - 'Consumers worry about suction and battery power with cordless vacuums'

12:23PM EDT - Announcing Samsung PowerStick Pro

12:24PM EDT - 150W suction power, cordless

12:24PM EDT - Removable battery packs

12:25PM EDT - Patented reverse digital motor, dual action brush with separate drums

12:25PM EDT - Flexi handle

12:25PM EDT - (No, I'm not becoming a home appliance reviewer, this is just what gets announced at IFA)

12:26PM EDT - 32.4V Li-Ion has enough juice for 40 minutes of battery life

12:26PM EDT - One button battery swap

12:26PM EDT - EZClean dustbin and brush, makes it easy to clean

12:27PM EDT - Now a demonstration onstage

12:27PM EDT - No word on pet hair

12:27PM EDT - Now fridges

12:27PM EDT - Samsung Family Hub - using the fridge to connect the whole family

12:27PM EDT - Extended the voice to several Euro countries later this year

12:28PM EDT - Expanded Samsung Hub to help control IoT devices in the home

12:28PM EDT - 100 partner companies

12:28PM EDT - Supermarket partners like Lidl

12:28PM EDT - 'The whole technology ecosystem should seemlessly connect to support the user'

12:28PM EDT - 'Only happens when connectivity is supported in open standards'

12:29PM EDT - Using the Open Connectivity Foundation OCF

12:29PM EDT - President of OCF to the stage, Matt Perry

12:29PM EDT - (No, not the one from Friends)

12:29PM EDT - 20 billion IoT devices in 2017

12:29PM EDT - 'they need to speak to each other'

12:30PM EDT - OCF is all about creating secure communication standards for IoT devices

12:30PM EDT - From startups to Samsung

12:30PM EDT - First items certified by OCF were Samsung Hub and Samsung Air Conditioner

12:30PM EDT - 'Creating a framework that seemlessly connects different ecosystems'

12:30PM EDT - So users do not worry about interoperability

12:31PM EDT - Samsung is a founding member of OCF

12:31PM EDT - Kate Beaumont to the stage, strategic planning for Samsung UK

12:31PM EDT - Talking about phones connecting with wearables

12:32PM EDT - Announcing three new fitness wearables

12:32PM EDT - 'But first, lets talk about what fitness wearables are all about'

12:32PM EDT - Introducing a wellness manager - designed to meet your goals around calories and sleep. Reminding you to take a breather. 'Beyond fitness'

12:32PM EDT - Announcing Gear Sport

12:33PM EDT - 50m water resistant

12:33PM EDT - Built in GPS

12:33PM EDT - Weight Management

12:33PM EDT - Standalone music player

12:33PM EDT - Message notification

12:34PM EDT - Automatic activity tracking, from swimming to biking to running automatically

12:35PM EDT - Have a samsung video health section, shows info on Samsung TV from the Sport

12:35PM EDT - Heart Rate monitoring

12:35PM EDT - Run pacing features

12:35PM EDT - Easy calorie input/output monitoring

12:35PM EDT - Makes recommendations based on context

12:35PM EDT - e.g. detects on airplane, suggests stretches

12:36PM EDT - e.g. when driving, automatically disables notifications

12:36PM EDT - Sporty straps

12:36PM EDT - Works with any 20mm wrist band

12:36PM EDT - Navigate the menu via rotating the bezel

12:36PM EDT - Can use it as a controller

12:36PM EDT - Use it as a TV remote

12:37PM EDT - Tap the Sport to move to the next slide in a presentation via the Sport

12:37PM EDT - New Gear Fit 2 Pro

12:37PM EDT - 50m water resistance

12:37PM EDT - 1.5-inch Super AMOLED display

12:38PM EDT - Comes in Black or Red

12:38PM EDT - Connects to brands and services: Spotify, Under Armour and Speedo

12:39PM EDT - Exclusive partnership with Speedo

12:39PM EDT - With Spotify, don't need a smartphone nearby

12:39PM EDT - Swimming tracking for Fit 2 Pro and Sport

12:39PM EDT - CEO of Speedo to the stage

12:40PM EDT - 'Speedo is always about swimming'

12:40PM EDT - Spent a year bringing Speedo onto the platform

12:40PM EDT - 'Helping swimmers of all abilities helping their time in the pool'

12:41PM EDT - 'Swimming is sometimes seen as a solitary sport, discouraging people from engaging. Speedo has a community to help drive this through Samsung devices'

12:41PM EDT - With Speedo on, you can get in-the-moment stats and data

12:41PM EDT - Workouts developed by top athletes and experts

12:42PM EDT - Samsung back to the stage

12:42PM EDT - Gear IconX 2018 - cordfree earbuds with 5hr music battery life

12:42PM EDT - Offline listening for 4 GB

12:43PM EDT - touch control and voice controls via Bixby

12:43PM EDT - That was a very quick announcement, didn't have time to get a photo

12:43PM EDT - Video time

12:44PM EDT - 'Go beyond fitness'

12:44PM EDT - Now talking about Note 8

12:45PM EDT - Talking Bixby

12:45PM EDT - Available in English in over 200 countries

12:46PM EDT - Setting up custom plans via keywords

12:46PM EDT - Note 8 available from September 15th in Europe, with free Samsung Deck Station

12:47PM EDT - Harman SVP of Technology to the stage

12:47PM EDT - 'Harman, a Samsung company'

12:47PM EDT - So half of Harman Kardon ?

12:48PM EDT - Or it's just called Harman now

12:48PM EDT - Worked with Samsung for the world's first cinema LED screen, 10m wide

12:49PM EDT - 'Redefining the standard in smartphone audio, with AKG smartphones'

12:49PM EDT - AKG headphones*

12:49PM EDT - 'Harman is the world leader in connected cars, 50m cars out there today'

12:49PM EDT - car voice control

12:50PM EDT - Harman bluetooth speakers using Samsung technology

12:51PM EDT - 'Determined to deliver what may seem impossible but will become the new normal'

12:51PM EDT - Samsung back to the stage

12:51PM EDT - 'Partnerships are key for creating content and experiences'

12:51PM EDT - HDR10+

12:52PM EDT - Adjusting to level of brightness required

12:52PM EDT - Has to be an open standard

12:52PM EDT - Teaming with Panasonic and 20th Century FOX to establish a licensing model for HDR10+. It will be royalty free

12:53PM EDT - 2017 lineup of LED and QLED TVs are already HDR10+

12:54PM EDT - 'VR Live Pass, experience UFG, X Games and some gigs through Gear VR'

12:54PM EDT - Now playing Coldplay on the big screen. I don't like Coldplay.

12:54PM EDT - If it were a Rammstein gig/concert, as we are in Germany...

12:55PM EDT - 'Feeling the energy of the venue with Gear VR'

12:55PM EDT - 'At the start of the 4th industrial revolution'

12:55PM EDT - 'Connected devices and experiences at a scale never seen before'

12:56PM EDT - Video wrap up time

12:57PM EDT - Press area now open, time for some hands on.



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    If I had any Samsung stock, I'd sell it. They seem to have lost their focus, management seems terrible, grand displays with nothing to show, faulty designs and poor quality control, terrible customer service, tech support that don't even know the products Samsung sells, abandoning successful markets (NX cameras,) corporate corruption, etc. It seems as if Samsung is at its fulcrum point. Reply
  • theuglyman0war - Thursday, August 31, 2017 - link

    Doesn't help that their fearless "chaebol" leader is facing serious jail time for corruption in South Korea's current trial of the century?
    I'd have to agree...
    Why make something as sexy as the NX-1 and sell as much off over night?
  • nathanddrews - Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - link

    Again with the QLEDs and HDR10+. Give it up and just get on board with Dolby Vision already. :rolleyes: Reply
  • petepete - Thursday, August 31, 2017 - link

    "Today is about craftsmanship, creativity, and creating the impossible"

    Which is pointless when they go and put ads right in the TV's UI. However well crafted something is, it's nothing more than crap when my UX is hampered by advertising
  • rebeca loomz - Thursday, September 14, 2017 - link

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