USB4 v2

The USB-IF and VESA released the specifications of USB4 v2 and DisplayPort 2.1 in Q4 2022. At that time, Intel also announced that their next-gen Thunderbolt specifications would build upon these standards. However, concrete details were not divulged. Today, the company is unveiling Thunderbolt 5 officially with discrete controllers in tow for both hosts and peripherals. Thunderbolt 5: Technical Details The USB4 v2 specifications have been public for almost a year now. As a result, the capabilities of Thunderbolt 5 on the technical front are not much of a secret. In fact, Intel had detailed most of them last year. The technical aspects described above include: PCIe Gen4 x4 support (64 Gbps full duplex) DisplayPort 2.1 support (up to 80 Gbps) Asymmetric operation (120 Gbps transmit / 40 Gbps receive)...

Intel Builds On USB4 v2 for 120 Gbps Next Generation Thunderbolt

The DisplayPort 2.1 specifications were officially released by VESA on Monday, and this was followed up by USB-IF's announcement of the release of the 80 Gbps USB4 v2 specifications...

21 by Ganesh T S on 10/19/2022

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