Canopus Pure3D II Voodoo2

by Anand Lal Shimpi on August 2, 1998 9:16 PM EST
Like the current wave of BX motherboards, Voodoo2 based 3D Graphics Accelerators seem to all fall within a few percent of each other as far as performance goes.  There are no real performance trend setters in the Voodoo2 market, so it comes down to the bundle and features that one card offers over the competition. 

Following in the traditional footsteps of their past products, Canopus has given Voodoo2 hungry gamers every reason to pick their newly released Pure3D II over the rest of the Voodoo2 crowd. 

By winning the hearts of true gamers not by bloated performance numbers, not by a massive game bundle, but by releasing a truly excellent product.  Combining the features the Voodoo2 chipset offers with Canopus' own special touch which can be seen throughout the installation and use of the card. 

What makes the Pure3D II worthy of the Best Voodoo2 card title?  If it isn't the performance, there must be something else, let's find out just what that is as AnandTech takes a closer look at the 12MB monstrous, graphics blasting, Canopus Pure3D II.

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