01:57PM EST - Today is the start of Qualcomm's three-day annual Snapdragon Tech Summit. Day one historically is where Qualcomm goes into detail about how the company is performing, and this year will be particularly important with respect to how 5G deployment has progressed, ready for next generation 5G devices, which we're also going to start to hear about. I'm sat here in the front row, and the event will start shortly.

02:04PM EST - Qualcomm's annual Snapdragon Summit has been a hub of announcements regarding 5G, and last year we saw the inklings of the first 5G devices. This year we're going to hear about Qualcomm's 2020 strategy and how 5G moves into the hands of more customers

02:04PM EST - Sounds like we're starting a tiny bit late.

02:05PM EST - I'm expecting to see Chairman Cristiano Amon give the majority of the talk

02:05PM EST - Here we go

02:05PM EST - 'The Qualcomm Snapdragon is a leader;

02:06PM EST - Gaming, immersion, battery life, fast connectivity

02:06PM EST - VP Global Product Marketing Don McGuire to the stage

02:07PM EST - You all deserve Snapdragon. We all deserve Snapdragon

02:07PM EST - Industry leadership and industry firsts in a 5G package

02:08PM EST - Cristiano Amon to the stage. That was a short emcee

02:08PM EST - One of Qualcomm's favorite events is the Snapdragon Tech Summit

02:08PM EST - Big transition and scale to 5G

02:08PM EST - lots of announcements over the next 3 days

02:09PM EST - Last year was talking about the 5G future, about how 2019 would be the year of 5G

02:09PM EST - Accomplished a lot in this past year

02:09PM EST - Bringing the technology to maturity

02:09PM EST - Some operators were reluctant to jump on 5G this early

02:10PM EST - Were concerned that customers wouldn't get what they expect from 5G

02:10PM EST - But today, the best 4G smartphone is a 5G smartphone

02:10PM EST - 2019 had 40+ operators launch 5G, 40+ OEMs announced

02:11PM EST - In 2020, expansion of 5G globally

02:11PM EST - By end of 2020, expect to have 200 million 5G subscribers

02:11PM EST - 2.8B connections on 5G by 2025

02:12PM EST - 'Real 5G' is Sub 6 GHz and mmWave

02:12PM EST - Think of the use cases beyond smartphones, mmWave is required

02:12PM EST - Industries require high performance private 5G networks

02:12PM EST - Dynamic spectrum sharing is required

02:12PM EST - co-exist 4G and 5G devices in the same spectrum

02:13PM EST - 5G mid-band in Sub 6 GHz

02:13PM EST - mmWave for performance

02:13PM EST - 5G coverage is often reported as a small percentage of 4G deployments. But it's still a new tech

02:14PM EST - The very mature 4G mobile broadband society drove many operators to densify their networks already. This is required for 5G. It was for capacity, not coverage. This allows 5G to scale

02:14PM EST - Frankfurt on 3.5 GHz NR + LTE multimode, DSS carrier using n1 (2.1 GHz)

02:14PM EST - San Francisco using 28 GHz 5G NR + LTE multimode

02:14PM EST - DSS = Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

02:15PM EST - 5G can use existing spectrum for Sub 6 GHz

02:15PM EST - Add the new bands, add mmWave for performance

02:15PM EST - (The Wi-Fi at the event is Wi-Fi 6. That's a win!)

02:16PM EST - Proven 5G mmWave

02:16PM EST - Verizon 5G mmWave at this event. 2 Gbps+ speeds

02:16PM EST - It's a commercial deployment, not special for this event

02:16PM EST - 5G rollout is a phased approach

02:17PM EST - It started with leveraging the 4G core networks

02:18PM EST - DSS is so important as it allows operators to deploy in conjunction without clearing the spectrum and redeploying

02:19PM EST - Standalone with Carrier Aggregation is important for private deployments for industry

02:19PM EST - Live demo of DSS

02:19PM EST - Those look like reference devices

02:20PM EST - Both using band n5

02:20PM EST - 850 MHz freq with 10 MHz bandwidth

02:20PM EST - 4G and 5G device at the same spectrum

02:21PM EST - Full deployment of 5G everywhere requires more than just a couple of technologies

02:21PM EST - Smartphones will be there built on Snapdragon to support the features

02:22PM EST - Nicki Palmer from Verizon to the stage

02:22PM EST - Start with a video

02:24PM EST - Verizon offers 5G Home in 5 US markets

02:24PM EST - 5G Smartphone support from April 2019

02:24PM EST - 18 cities have Verizon 5G UWB (Sub 6 GHz), seven 5G enabled devices

02:24PM EST - 14 NFL Stadiums

02:25PM EST - By end of 2019, will support 30 markets. (Doesn't specify what they mean by market)

02:25PM EST - markets = cities, apparently

02:25PM EST - so 12 more cities in 4 weeks??

02:26PM EST - Bringing the power of 5G to cities, parks, stadiums, to rural america, to education

02:26PM EST - This is just the beginning

02:26PM EST - First to have 5G on the beach

02:26PM EST - 5G is not just speed and latency

02:27PM EST - 99.999% reliability, 5ms latency

02:27PM EST - 1M devices per square km with 10 Terabit/sec total bandwidth

02:27PM EST - Combining different elements of 5G

02:28PM EST - Distributing the power of the network

02:28PM EST - sharing the workload across a number of labs for different aspects of 5G

02:28PM EST - Media, emerging tech, and big data

02:28PM EST - partner support is crucial

02:28PM EST - mobile edge compute requirements

02:29PM EST - Verizon proving what can be done

02:30PM EST - encouraging the broad ecosystem to take part in the 5G revolution

02:30PM EST - Pushing the use cases that consumers benefit most from 5G

02:31PM EST - the usual mantra: mobile gaming, video streaming, video content creation

02:31PM EST - Only possible if the network can do it

02:31PM EST - Real-Time requirements in enterprise for 5G

02:32PM EST - 5G augmented surgery, assisting the infrastructure

02:33PM EST - having machines talk to machines

02:35PM EST - widest fiber deployments in the US

02:35PM EST - mmWave works better than expected, that's where the transformation occurs

02:36PM EST - None of this works if the network isn't well defined. Multi-year redesign of Verizon networks to get a backend that supports 5G and beyond

02:37PM EST - partnership with AWS to combine Verizon network with AWS toolkit

02:38PM EST - 5G untethered high-end camera in sports

02:38PM EST - leadership is important to Verizon

02:39PM EST - Cristiano back to the stage

02:39PM EST - 5G is going to change devices, experience, networks, and even the cloud

02:39PM EST - The smartphone is mankind's largest development platform

02:39PM EST - The cloud is going to change to support 5G

02:40PM EST - The cloud will move to the edge, with AI, will develop like we've not seen before

02:40PM EST - New use cases and implementations we haven't even thought of yet.

02:40PM EST - unprecedented rates of development

02:40PM EST - Allows for distributed intelligence

02:41PM EST - Cloud moves towards the device

02:41PM EST - reducing latency is key, and 5G enables that

02:41PM EST - local analytics, interactive content, industrial automation and control

02:42PM EST - Cloud providers and key tech businesses are behind 5G

02:42PM EST - 5G will be an integral part of that strategy

02:42PM EST - will move to create new use cases for devices

02:43PM EST - The elevator pitch for new services and apps is that it will bring a reliable always-on connection with the cloud

02:43PM EST - Can leave the data in the cloud

02:43PM EST - 5G will be the era of 'Super-Apps'

02:43PM EST - The OS becomes less relevant

02:43PM EST - Cloud apps will have unlimited storage and processing power

02:43PM EST - accessible for everyone

02:44PM EST - democratization of compute at scale

02:44PM EST - Accelerated development enablement

02:44PM EST - Snapdragon at the center of 5G

02:44PM EST - Every company looking at 5G can't do so without looking at Qualcomm

02:45PM EST - 150+ 5G devices already using Qualcomm

02:45PM EST - 230+ devices launched or in development

02:45PM EST - Scale: 1.4 billion 5G smartphone shipments by 2022

02:45PM EST - This means deployment of 5G in the midrange is going to be a key metric in 2020 and 2021

02:46PM EST - This is the right time for mid-range Snapdragon 5G to bring it to scale

02:46PM EST - New Snapdragon chipsets will be powering the best 5G smartphones you can buy in 2020

02:46PM EST - Alex Katouzian to the stage

02:47PM EST - Tech details for the new chips on day 2 of the event

02:47PM EST - Last year was Super Snapdragon, this year is the Snapdragon Beast

02:48PM EST - Four partners coming to the stage over the next hour

02:48PM EST - A common theme will be that Qualcomm resolves complexity

02:48PM EST - QC intends to cover the globe with 5G

02:49PM EST - More people than ever rely on their smartphone devices and data connections to succeed

02:49PM EST - 5G will help AI bring distributed intelligence to consumers

02:49PM EST - 500 million deployments with AI acceleration

02:50PM EST - 2019 had one platform dedicated to 5G. In 2020, we'll have almost all of our tiers will have 5G options with acceleration

02:51PM EST - Snapdragon 765 and 765G

02:51PM EST - X52 modem

02:52PM EST - up to 3.7 Gbps, with mmWave and Sub 6 support. SA, NSA, DSS

02:52PM EST - Qualcomm also does the RG

02:52PM EST - RF

02:53PM EST - 5th Gen AI Engine

02:53PM EST - 4K HDR capture with computer-vision ISP

02:53PM EST - 4K60 HDR10+

02:53PM EST - Can support a camera up to 192 megapixels

02:53PM EST - Optimized for user experience

02:54PM EST - multiplayer gaming

02:54PM EST - Trying to reach as many consumers as possible

02:54PM EST - Carrier aggregation

02:54PM EST - Motorola to the stage

02:55PM EST - Motorola is now profitable

02:56PM EST - Product development cycle now focusing on time to market with relevance

02:56PM EST - In 2020 will continue to focus on innovation, foldables, and 5G

02:57PM EST - When devices have fast speeds, consumers push the importance of fast speeds higher in their requirements

02:57PM EST - Motorola Razr, only $1500 for the first clamshell foldable

02:58PM EST - Lenovo was first company to reveal first 5G smartphone, moto mod

02:58PM EST - Motorola expertise will advance the next wave of 5G

03:00PM EST - Q1 2020 will see 5G Motorola products

03:00PM EST - Expanding outside North America

03:00PM EST - Aiming for the fastest 5G phones using Qualcomm's flagship platforms

03:01PM EST - Now announcing next gen flagship chipset

03:01PM EST - Snapdragon 865

03:01PM EST - External 5G modem with X55

03:02PM EST - 5th gen AI engine, Gigapixel processing

03:02PM EST - HDR10+ support

03:02PM EST - Global solution

03:02PM EST - mmWave, Sub 6 GHz, CA, DSS, NSA, SA

03:03PM EST - Qualcomm's RF front end

03:03PM EST - Driving throughput capabilities

03:03PM EST - front end is the same as the X52 solution

03:03PM EST - Can reuse the work from 765 for 865

03:04PM EST - ZTE and QC made the first SA data call with X55

03:04PM EST - New ZTE Axon phones with 865 + X55 in first half 2020

03:04PM EST - 15 TOPS AI perf on 865. That's CPU + GPU + AI Engine

03:05PM EST - 2 gigapixel DSP processing

03:05PM EST - *ISP

03:06PM EST - enables 8K30 video, or 64MP 4K video

03:06PM EST - up to 200 MP camera support

03:06PM EST - Snapdragon Elite Gaming

03:06PM EST - 25% perf increase in GPU on 865 over 855

03:06PM EST - Desktop features into mobile gaming

03:07PM EST - Mobile gaming is the largest revenue segment of all gaming put together

03:07PM EST - Number 1 in sustained performance

03:08PM EST - Xiaomi to the stage

03:09PM EST - Qualcomm has been one of the most important parts of Xiaomi

03:09PM EST - 427 million XIaomi phones with QC SoCs in 8 years

03:10PM EST - All the premium tier Xiaomi devices uses Qualcomm 8-series processors

03:10PM EST - TOday announcing Mi10

03:11PM EST - Powered by Snapdragon 865

03:11PM EST - Coming in 2020

03:11PM EST - Xiaomi to use Samsung's 108 MP sensor

03:13PM EST - 5G creates possibilities to share these 108 MP pictures with friends and the cloud easier

03:14PM EST - CC9 Pro is top ranked phone for DXOMark with 5x camera and 10x hybrid zoom

03:14PM EST - 5G will help with video sharing. 4K60 or 720p960

03:15PM EST - 8K60 decode

03:15PM EST - Also working with new form factors

03:16PM EST - Mi Mix Alpha with 108 MP camera

03:17PM EST - New improvements in form factor designs in 2020

03:18PM EST - 5G will also benefit IoT

03:18PM EST - Home appliances to speakers and wearables to smart scooters

03:19PM EST - Next year hoping for 5G Mi Watch 2

03:19PM EST - waiting for 5G version of Snapdragon 3100

03:20PM EST - Redmi K30 will be the first 5G Xiaomi device in 2020

03:20PM EST - using 765

03:20PM EST - Plan to announce 10+ 5G smartphones in 2020

03:20PM EST - Plan to announce 10+ 5G smartphones in 2020

03:20PM EST - Now OPPO to the stage

03:21PM EST - OPPO working on the high end. Now in 40+ countries and regions

03:22PM EST - Hardware, software, and services. Oppo is a top 5 global brand and #2 in China

03:22PM EST - 10,000+ R&D people

03:23PM EST - (he's going quickly through the slides)

03:23PM EST - Oppo works with Qualcomm's best hardware. Oppo Find X had Snapdragon 845

03:23PM EST - Reno 5G had Snapdragon 855

03:24PM EST - Reno 5G was first 5G smartphone in Europe

03:24PM EST - Reno Ace uses Snapdragon 855+

03:25PM EST - Lots of worldwide partners

03:26PM EST - Next flagship will be in 2020 Q1 with Snapdragon 865

03:27PM EST - Also important for Oppo's intelligent connectivity platform

03:28PM EST - 5G modular solutions with 865 and 765 5G

03:28PM EST - Modular solutions that are operator certified

03:29PM EST - Help new OEMs become competitive

03:29PM EST - Note that 765 is an integrated 5G solution

03:30PM EST - modular designs between RF enables lower develop costs

03:30PM EST - Even wearables can use these modular solutions

03:31PM EST - HMD Global to the stage

03:31PM EST - (aka Nokia)

03:32PM EST - Nokia devices are in strong lockstep with Qualcomm

03:32PM EST - HMD from Finland gives a different perspective on what the smartphone market is

03:32PM EST - Nokia device should get better over time

03:33PM EST - Committed to two Android updates and three years of security updates for every device

03:33PM EST - 5G will help enable new use cases with their smartphones

03:33PM EST - 5G needs a Nokia grade solution

03:34PM EST - Main concern over 5G devices is cost

03:34PM EST - This is where 765 comes in

03:34PM EST - Nokia will support NSA/SA and DSS

03:35PM EST - 'Will support use cases that don't exist yet'

03:36PM EST - Support more LTE and 5G bands than any other support. Potential to support true 5G global roaming

03:36PM EST - Nokia phones have a unique front end such that people stay connected to 5G longer before falling back to 4G

03:37PM EST - Next gen Nokia phone will have PureDisplay, ZEISS Imaging

03:37PM EST - ZEISS imaging coming to video at 4K and ultra-wide

03:37PM EST - innovative thermal solution

03:37PM EST - Support for Qualcomm Modular Platform through HMD

03:37PM EST - Working with Qualcomm and with partners

03:38PM EST - Alex from Qualcomm back to the stage

03:38PM EST - Now fingerprint - 3D Sonic Max

03:38PM EST - two years ago was a 4x9 sensor. Now it's a 20x30 sensor

03:39PM EST - Simultaneous two finger sensing

03:39PM EST - This can go into automotive

03:39PM EST - as well as smartphones

03:39PM EST - better anti-spoof for mobile

03:40PM EST - Qualcomm can provide over 40+ chips in a single device for a truly QC solution

03:41PM EST - Cristiano back to the stage

03:41PM EST - Lot more to announce over the next couple of days of the event

03:42PM EST - User experience is always key

03:42PM EST - Do things tomorrow which we can't do today

03:43PM EST - AI, Photos, Immersion, Intelligence

03:43PM EST - Even music changes with 5G

03:44PM EST - New camera use cases through 5G: become a broadcaster to stream direct

03:44PM EST - virtual presence and integration over 5G with cloud compute and low latency

03:44PM EST - all enabled through 5G

03:45PM EST - Changing the way content is made and consumed

03:45PM EST - Enterprise 5G is a key pillar with unique challenges that Qualcomm wants to provide from the device level to the infrastructure

03:46PM EST - mmWave specifically will change what is the performance of wireless in venues: bandwidth, congestion, latency all solved

03:46PM EST - sports and live events will never be the same

03:47PM EST - Penny Baldwin, SVP and CMO Qualcomm to the stage

03:47PM EST - 5G will enable boundless opportunity across more industries than you can count

03:48PM EST - But entertainment is a key vertical for 5G

03:48PM EST - fans and artists are expecting more and more from their devices and venues

03:48PM EST - Basic concert connectivity is often poor

03:48PM EST - mmWave will offer speed, capacity

03:49PM EST - Fans can create virtual scenes with multiple concurrent streams

03:49PM EST - create new interactive experiences from the artist on stage

03:49PM EST - all powered by Qualcomm and Snapdragon

03:50PM EST - Catering to the experiences for Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z

03:50PM EST - (I would point out that not all music events are raves)

03:51PM EST - Meeting the needs of users of tomorrow

03:51PM EST - Steve Aoki video time

03:53PM EST - Steve Aoki on the stage

03:54PM EST - 'Why do you throw cakes into the audience?'

03:54PM EST - Always wanting to make an unforgettable experience

03:55PM EST - This was a silly idea that works

03:55PM EST - An idea about engagement

03:55PM EST - it went viral

03:55PM EST - 250 shows a year, 10+ cakes a show

03:56PM EST - always thinking about engagement

03:57PM EST - Aoki is a futurist

03:57PM EST - Album series called Neon Future

03:57PM EST - Going in a direction where AI and Humanity will converge into an augmented species

03:58PM EST - Collaborate with famous scientific people (Nye, Musk, Abrams)

03:58PM EST - Kurzweil

03:58PM EST - Using AI to enhance those visuals

03:58PM EST - Wearing AR during a show to enable this

03:59PM EST - 5G will help enable experiences during a performance

03:59PM EST - EDM puts a lot of money into visuals

03:59PM EST - Going beyond the one person behind a console

04:00PM EST - (I wonder how much QC paid for Aoki to fly in for Australia for a 10 minute interview)

04:00PM EST - Cristiano to the stage again

04:00PM EST - (Qualcomm PR: We can't afford him to perform as well)

04:01PM EST - Qualcomm is all about enabling partners

04:01PM EST - Being part of the ecosystem, being in all the devices

04:01PM EST - Tomorrow will give a lot more details about the new platforms

04:02PM EST - That's a wrap.

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  • crazy_vag - Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - link

    Snapdragon is hardly a leader in battery life. That crown goes to Apple.
  • GC2:CS - Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - link

    “Our firm solution versus our android competitors”

    Sigh sigh. That means even if you make a better android SoC than them, they can still claim better because you are not “their” competitor.

    Well on one hand integrated modem and 5G and stuff, there Qualcomm is way ahead of Apple. But what about the rest of the things ?
  • yeeeeman - Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - link

    All this 5g bs is getting a bit boring. The fact that they don't integrate x55 into sd865 is a big meh. I prefer to have only sub 6ghz but integrated into soc like mediatek and others do.
    mmwave will be used only in big metropolitan areas. Other than that it is basically useless
  • Vince789 - Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - link

    They are versus the other Android SoC vendors like they mentioned
  • hemedans - Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - link

    It depend which soc you are talking about, snapdragon 835 can easly surpass new iphones in terms of battery life.

    Phone like xperia xz1 compact with just 2700mah beat iphone 11 with 3100mah.
  • nandnandnand - Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - link

    What are the media decode capabilities? 8K60? AV1?
  • tuxRoller - Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - link

    They probably didn't announce then yet. Today was primarily about 5G (modem) stuff.
    The summit lasts for three days, so, that have to stagger their info drops (though this one looked pretty sparse).
    What I'd like to know is if they've improved their inferencing accuracy with ml. The last time I looked they were at the back of the pack (exynos, Kirin)
  • mode_13h - Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - link

    It's funny how Qualcomm's Zeroth was the first I'd heard of a cell phone SoC integrating any kind of inferencing capability. From that, to the back of the pack, in just a few short years?
  • Vince789 - Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - link

    Na, Qualcomm and Kirin/Apple have been leap frogging each with each new release every ~6 months
    Samsung are currently at the bottom of the pack
  • Vince789 - Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - link

    Qualcomm have always lead versus Exynos, who are the worst at ML
    Qualcomm and Kirin/Apple have been leap frogging each with each new release every ~6 months

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