Today Xiaomi has announced the launch of the new MIX3 5G and new Mi9 for European markets. The event represents a big and important development for Xiaomi, as it not only showcases Xiaomi’s first ever 5G phone, but also represents the first time that the company is bringing the established Mi-series to a western market.

In recent years and months in particular, Xiaomi has pushed in its western expansion with the first push into the Spanish market. Last year, we saw officially launch in other countries such as Italy, France and the UK.

5G was a big talking point around Xiaomi’s presentation. We saw the company invite Qualcomm’s Cristiano Amon on the stage to talk about how the Snapdragon 855’s and X50 will enable new experiences for 2019 devices. We already had heard about the new MIX3 with the Snapdragon 855 – but today’s launch focuses about the brand new MIX3 5G version, which as you would have guessed, is a 5G version of the new MIX3, employing Qualcomm’s new X50 modem.

Xiaomi MIX3 5G & Mi9
  MIX3 5G Mi9
SoC Snapdragon 855
GPU Adreno 640
Display 6.39" AMOLED
2340 x 1080

Sliding screen
6.39" AMOLED
2340 x 1080
Size Height 157.9mm 157.5mm
Width 74.7mm 74.7mm
Depth 9.4mm 7.6mm
Weight   173g
Battery Capacity 3800mAh 3300mAh
Wireless Charging Qi
Rear Cameras

12MP 1.4µm

48MP 0.8µm IMX586
Telephoto 12MP 1.0µm

2x telephoto zoom
12MP 1.0µm IMX481
2x telephoto
Wide - 16MP 1.0 S5K3M5
Storage 128 GB 
Wireless (local) 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi
Bluetooth 5.0 LE + NFC
Cellular Category 20 4G LTE
Category 20 4G LTE
Features   In-screen FP sensor
Dual-SIM 2x nano-SIM
Launch Price 599€ 449€

The new MIX3 5G shares the core specifications of the MIX3, from the design to the camera setup. During the announcement, Xiaomi in coordination with Orange was able to first demonstrate a live 5G video call.

We’ve already covered the Chinese launch of the new Mi9 a few days ago. The Mi9’s characterising new characterising features include a new curved back design with a nanocoated shimmer finish, the phone’s new minimalistic bezel design with a new AMOLED screen, and a new triple camera design with a regular angle, wide angle and telephoto modules.

Xiaomi MIX3 5G

Xiaomi unveils the new MIX3 5G will be available for 599€ in select 5G markets in the comings months. The new Mi9 will be available for 449€ with pre-order starting today, and will be available in Spain, France and Italy, naturally aside from its home-country, China.

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