Today Corsair is launching the Force Series MP510 as their new high-end M.2 NVMe SSD. The MP510 is a big improvement over the preceding MP500, replacing the Phison E7 controller with the new E12 controller and switching from planar MLC NAND to Toshiba's 64-layer 3D TLC NAND. The MP510 is based on the Phison E12 reference design we tested a few months ago, with slightly improved performance and power efficiency. This makes it generally competitive with other high-end TLC SSDs, giving Phison customers like Corsair their first credible high-end NVMe SSDs.

Corsair Force Series MP510 Specifications
Capacity 240 GB 480 GB 960 GB 1920 GB
Form Factor double-sided M.2 2280, PCIe 3 x4
Controller Phison PS5012-E12
NAND Flash Toshiba BiCS3 256Gb 64-layer 3D TLC
Sequential Read 3100 MB/s 3480 MB/s 3480 MB/s 3480 MB/s
Sequential Write 1050 MB/s 2000 MB/s 3000 MB/s 2700 MB/s
Random Read 180k IOPS 360k IOPS 610k IOPS 485k IOPS
Random Write 240k IOPS 440k IOPS 570k IOPS 530k IOPS
Power Read 6.1 W 6.7 W 6.9 W 7.1 W
Write 3.5 W 4.8 W 5.6 W 6.2 W
Idle 30 mW
Warranty 5 years
Write Endurance 400 TB
0.9 DWPD
800 TB
0.9 DWPD
1700 TB
1.0 DWPD
3120 TB
0.9 DWPD
MSRP $65.99

The performance, power efficiency, warranty and write endurance rating are all up to par for a high-end drive in today's market. However, with the Silicon Motion SM2262EN controller coming soon, 96L 3D NAND starting to ship, and possible new SSD announcements at a Samsung event tomorrow, the Corsair MP510 and similar Phison E12 drives are facing strong competition.

The Corsair Force MP510 is currently available in capacities from 240GB to 960GB, with a 1920GB model coming soon. Our review of the 960GB model will be up later this week, but most of our benchmark results are already online in our Bench database.

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  • LarsBolender - Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - link

    235$ is actually really cheap for a 1TB high performance M2 drive, color me impressed.
  • MrSpadge - Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - link

    Agreed, also for the other capacities.
  • The True Morbus - Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - link

    And the endurance is really good too.
  • SirMaster - Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - link

    Wow, higher throughput, more IOPS, and cheaper then the Samsung 970 EVO?

    (looking at the 1TB 970 vs. this Corsair 960GB)

    Seems super impressive to me.
  • MrSpadge - Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - link

    Real world will probably not top Samsung, as they are incredibly well balanced. But at these prices it doesn't have to, "pretty close but significantly cheaper" is certainly good enough.
  • goatfajitas - Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - link

    Yup... Its really hard to tell the difference in real world usage on drives with a much bigger gap than this.
  • Drazick - Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - link

    Will it be available in U.2 form as well?
  • Billy Tallis - Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - link

    Unlikely. I haven't seen Phison showing much in the way of U.2 reference designs, and there really doesn't seem to be much demand or use for it on the client/consumer side.
  • Drazick - Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - link

    Too bad.
    U.2 makes much more sense for Desktop Computers as it should be much less thermal limited and should allow better performance due that.
  • MrCommunistGen - Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - link

    Interesting... the 2TB (ok 1920GB) model seems to be past the sweet spot for what the E12 controller can handle - at least at current NAND densities.

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