09:57AM EDT - We're here in New York for an event that Intel is calling their "Fall Desktop Launch Event". In theory we should know very little about what Intel is announcing, but in practice it would seem that large parts of Intel's announcements have been posted by Intel, their partners, and their resellers in the last week or so. This includes the new 8-core Core i9-9900K processor (complete with box!) and the Z390 chipset. None the less, today's event should cast the rumors aside and clarify just what Intel is working on for the rest of 2018 and beyond for desktop PCs.

09:58AM EDT - I'm sat, front and center

09:59AM EDT - Lit in blue, there are about 150 people here

09:59AM EDT - Going to start in a minute or two

09:59AM EDT - Plenty of hardware already out in the foyer area

10:00AM EDT - Z390, X399, and 28-core SKL-X

10:00AM EDT - Anand Srivatsa to the stage

10:01AM EDT - The event is in NYC, in WTC 3

10:01AM EDT - Giving the world an opportunity to be successful

10:01AM EDT - Powering everyone's greatest contribution

10:02AM EDT - Intel is building on strenghts - features, ecosystem, form factor

10:02AM EDT - delivering no-compromise performance across all product lines

10:02AM EDT - April was first Core i9 for laptops. Best mobile gaming processor ever

10:03AM EDT - Optimize every generation for the best user experience

10:03AM EDT - For the most expert media users on earth

10:03AM EDT - Brand new unlocked 28-core Xeon processor

10:03AM EDT - 4.3G turbo

10:03AM EDT - Xeon W-3175X

10:04AM EDT - Intel Embree used in the film Next Gen using advanced instruction sets

10:05AM EDT - Every frame took 4 hours to render

10:05AM EDT - Using optimized Intel Embree with Intel hardware reduced rendering time by 15%

10:06AM EDT - >Looks like the hardware doesn't have CPU strings yet

10:06AM EDT - >So the W-3175X name is very new

10:07AM EDT - Video of Next-Gen now, but the projector is 720p

10:07AM EDT - ASUS and Gigabyte motherboards for this

10:07AM EDT - Shipping in December

10:07AM EDT - Now onto other hardware

10:08AM EDT - Built for creators

10:08AM EDT - All new Core-X

10:08AM EDT - 44 PCIe lanes, soldered TIM confirmed

10:08AM EDT - quad channel

10:09AM EDT - entry level 8-core will have full PCIe lanes

10:09AM EDT - ignore 68 PCIe lanes, that's 44 CPU + 24 chipset

10:09AM EDT - Increased frequency and cache sizes

10:10AM EDT - >We have the info for these CPUs, but the finer details are still under embargo for a couple hours

10:10AM EDT - Demo with 2D to 3D image conversion

10:10AM EDT - Showing a 10-core with 19.25MB L3 cache

10:11AM EDT - So that's more than 1.375 MB L3 per core

10:12AM EDT - more demos, this time with Undreal

10:13AM EDT - Transforming the gaming industry

10:14AM EDT - Gigabit wifi to eliminate bottlenecks

10:14AM EDT - Optane memory

10:15AM EDT - The esports revolution. Intel is committed to it

10:15AM EDT - eSports exhibition in Korea

10:16AM EDT - Has PC gaming peaked? Intel believes it has only just started

10:16AM EDT - Gamers and industry people to the stage

10:16AM EDT - Gaming is now cool

10:17AM EDT - It's hard to find 3 people who don't play games

10:17AM EDT - VR has been a big driver for Alienware

10:17AM EDT - As a business, eSports has been amazing for Alienware

10:17AM EDT - eSports training facilities

10:18AM EDT - eSports is bigger than sports

10:18AM EDT - Traditional sports leagues are now doing crossovers

10:18AM EDT - NBA with eSports teams

10:19AM EDT - NBA is sold that this is a new mode of content

10:21AM EDT - Intel is working to bringing eSports to the olympics

10:22AM EDT - stage interviews over

10:22AM EDT - Contributions from the gaming industry

10:22AM EDT - Serious gaming requires serious performance

10:23AM EDT - Last year was the 8700K which reset the benchmark in gaming performance

10:23AM EDT - 9th Gen launch

10:23AM EDT - 9900K

10:23AM EDT - Tested against other CPUs, Intel and AMD, with 19 games. Worlds best gaming processor

10:24AM EDT - The packaging is tiny

10:25AM EDT - First 4.0 GHz broad volume CPU

10:25AM EDT - 5.0 GHz

10:25AM EDT - 'breaking physics to deliver this'

10:25AM EDT - solder TIM

10:26AM EDT - Setting new benchmarks

10:27AM EDT - playing and streaming on the 9900K using two VMs

10:29AM EDT - Preorder today, available Oct 19th

10:30AM EDT - Broad ecosystem support from Dell, HP, Lenovo etc

10:30AM EDT - Giving away 9 trips to eSports events

10:30AM EDT - Starts Nov 5th

10:30AM EDT - Specifications will be coming

10:31AM EDT - Claudine Mangano, Director of Marketing Intel to the stage

10:32AM EDT - Tech sessions next

10:32AM EDT - Intel Blueprints

10:34AM EDT - Gaming 29% CAGR over last 3 years

10:36AM EDT - Talking about 9th Gen processors first

10:37AM EDT - First mainstream Core i9

10:37AM EDT - New Z390 chipset

10:37AM EDT - Soldered TIM

10:37AM EDT - STIM

10:39AM EDT - USB 3.1 Gen 2, Gigabit Wi-Fi

10:39AM EDT - Prices

10:39AM EDT - i9-9900K, $488

10:39AM EDT - i9-9900K, $488

10:39AM EDT - i7-9700K at $374

10:39AM EDT - i5-9600K at $262

10:40AM EDT - 14++

10:40AM EDT - all cores can use all L3 cache

10:41AM EDT - All-core turbo has increased by 400 MHz over 8700K

10:41AM EDT - 95W

10:42AM EDT - AVX2

10:43AM EDT - 10% better gaming vs previous gen

10:43AM EDT - 34% faster video editing

10:44AM EDT - 35-45% better FPS vs a 3-year old PC

10:45AM EDT - 100% better video transcoding vs 3 year old PC.

10:45AM EDT - >Well, that's quad core vs 8 core

10:47AM EDT - World's best processor: compared against 9980XE, 9900X, 8700L, 2700X, 2990WX, 2950X

10:47AM EDT - Now for 28-core

10:48AM EDT - 3.1G base

10:48AM EDT - 512GB DRAM support

10:48AM EDT - 44 PCIe from the CPU, 24 from the chipset

10:48AM EDT - ECC and RAS support

10:49AM EDT - New X-series, up to 18 core

10:49AM EDT - Turbo boost 3.0

10:50AM EDT - Supports Intel Optane SSDs

10:51AM EDT - AVX-512

10:52AM EDT - Focus on highly-threaded workloads

10:52AM EDT - There are content creation that is lightly threaded, so they can use Turbo 3.0

10:54AM EDT - Intel mesh architecture

10:55AM EDT - designed to eliminate bottlenecks

10:55AM EDT - predictable memory latency

10:55AM EDT - variations are minor

10:56AM EDT - >oooh, burn

10:56AM EDT - Against TR 2990WX, the 9980XE is 95W lower TDP and works on apps like Maya better

10:57AM EDT - Functions within Maya are lightly threaded

10:57AM EDT - advantage of higher frequencies and higher IPC

10:58AM EDT - 'More cores doesn't always equal more performance'

11:00AM EDT - Performance is more than just a simple Cinebench number

11:00AM EDT - A balance of cores, design, and frequency

11:02AM EDT - Now for Q&A

11:03AM EDT - 14++ for Core-X

11:03AM EDT - We think this is a perfect time to reintroduce TIM to the market for overclocking

11:04AM EDT - Q: What does this gen bring vs last gen: A: Single core turbo for those performance optimized. The unlocked Xeon for performance

11:05AM EDT - Q: Infrastructure on new socket? A: We have MB partners. The rest of ecosystem announced later

11:06AM EDT - Q: What's the all-core turbo for 9980XE A: Not saying

11:07AM EDT - That was a bad answer

11:08AM EDT - Q: Price on 28-core? A: Closer to launch

11:09AM EDT - Q: Hardware security fixes? A: Variant 3 and L1TF, remaining through software

11:10AM EDT - New Core-X is Skylake X? Yes

11:12AM EDT - OK that's a wrap.

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  • patel21 - Monday, October 8, 2018 - link

    Doesn't even come close to TR Box.
  • TEAMSWITCHER - Monday, October 8, 2018 - link

    Highly Doubtful .. A 28 core XEON processor will have no problems beating a 32-core TR. It's single die vs. versus multi-die with glue.
  • shaolin95 - Monday, October 8, 2018 - link

    good..enjoy your TR Box while I enjoy the 9900k performance
  • Demigod79 - Monday, October 8, 2018 - link

    It does come close to TR pricing though :P. Intel has the galls to proclaim that the 9900K is the world's first mainstream 8c/16c processor - as if the 1800X doesn't exist and a near $500 price point is "mainstream" (and this price will only go up due to their shortage issues).

    I also found it interesting how they're maintaining the Xeon branding for their 28-core chip (which isn't 5 GHz like Intel promised back at CES). I run computing apps on my system around the clock and I can't see the value in this new Xeon chip versus a 2990WX (64 tasks at once or 56 tasks at once, 64 CPU lanes or 44 CPU lanes... tough choice :P). Pricing will also be nowhere near competitive (there's a reason they didn't say). At least they're going back to solder and not locking away lanes.
  • bubblyboo - Monday, October 8, 2018 - link

    Price already confirmed at $530 for the 9900K and release date 10/19. Other than 14nm+++++++++ and 8 core, anything else new?
  • Machinus - Monday, October 8, 2018 - link

  • brunis.dk - Monday, October 8, 2018 - link

    Arrrw, look who's forced to make an effort, now that AMD is pulling their nose hair all over the place. How many times do they have to be caught complacently robbing their customers before they learn?
  • yannigr2 - Monday, October 8, 2018 - link

    Their customers think like this

    "Please AMD make a good CPU that will be close enough, but still slower, to Intel's Core, so that Intel drop prices. That way I will be able to buy a cheaper Intel Core CPU and still laugh at AMD's fanboys for buying cheap AMD CPUs for poor peasants"

    As you understand, every time Intel and Nvidia are milking their fanboys, I AM ENJOYING IT BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT.
  • TEAMSWITCHER - Monday, October 8, 2018 - link

    Not everyone is as impressed with AMD as you are...
  • shaolin95 - Monday, October 8, 2018 - link

    Gotta love AMD fanboys..like with every new platform release...they always ask for patience to deal with all the usual AMD issues and to wait for mature drivers...yet for Intel releases, even before release they are already talking BS about it.
    Grow up people. I have intel and amd systems depending on my specific needs. Couldnt care less who makes them since I still have to pay with my own money.

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