PC100 SDRAM: A Closer Look
A few months back the topic of PC100 SDRAM became a hot topic for discussion on the Internet, unfortunately what we lacked was a proper platform to test the slowly emerging PC100 DIMMs.  Now, after the release of the Intel BX Chipset, memory manufacturers have finally started to release their PC100 SDRAM DIMMs, however what we're finding out through a process of trial and error is that not all PC100 SDRAM is created equal. 

While most modules (more or less) work similarly at the 100MHz bus speed, pushing the limits to 112 and the speed terror 133MHz bus speed separate the average PC100 SDRAM modules from the Best of the Best.  Taking   a closer look at today's PC100 SDRAM AnandTech compared 4 different brands and 6 different types of PC100 SDRAM.  Which manufacturer came out on top?  With performance eliminated from the list of features to look for in SDRAM we must turn to reliability, which is where the number one modules shine and the rest are given a long "wait-state".  Keep your Bus ready as AnandTech explores the world of PC100 SDRAM.

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