Team Group has introduced its new dual-channel DDR4 memory kits for overclockers - the new T-Force Xtreem kits operate at 4300 MT/s and 4500 MT/s data transfer rates.

Team Group’s latest T-Force Xtreem DDR4-4300 and DDR4-4500 dual-channel kits feature a 16 GB capacity (8 GB × 2), CL18 20-20-44 timings, and 1.45 V supply. The modules use specially-designed 10-layer PCBs as well as cherry-picked Samsung’s 8 Gb B-die DRAM chips that can run at extreme speeds. The voltages are a step above the standard 1.4 V for high-end kits.

As usual, the high-performance memory modules support XMP 2.0 SPD profiles for easier setup of DRAM sub-timings. Furthermore, to ensure efficient cooling for DDR4 chips and grant its modules a unique look, Team Group equips its T-Force Xtreem DIMMs with aluminum heat spreaders.

The key advantage of the new T-Force Xtreem DDR4-4300 and DDR4-4500 dual-channel kits versus their competitors from other makers available today are their CL18 timings. By contrast, DRAM module suppliers usually set CL19 timings on everything higher than DDR4-4000, So these kits should have an advantage.

Team Group's T-Force Xtreem DDR4-4000+ Memory Kits
Speed CL Timing Voltage Kit
DDR4-4000 CL18 20-20-44 1.35 V ? ?
DDR4-4133 CL18 18-18-38 1.4 V ?
DDR4-4300 CL18 20-20-44 1.45 V 2×8 GB 16 GB

Team Group does not mention which motherboards are verified with its T-Force Xtreem DDR4-4300 and DDR4-4500 modules, but typically companies like this validate their top-of-the-range offerings with Intel’s latest platforms and the high-end motherboards. Therefore, expect the new dual-channel kits to be compatible with Intel’s Coffee Lake/Z300-series platforms, but in order to run them at their maximum speeds one would require a motherboard with a quality memory controller.

Team Group is expected to start selling its T-Force Xtreem DDR4-4300 and DDR4-4500 dual-channel kits shortly at MSRPs of $325 and $389 respectively.

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Source: Team Group

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  • GreenReaper - Thursday, September 20, 2018 - link

    Sounds like an infection of "courage".
  • PeachNCream - Friday, September 21, 2018 - link

    You can't honestly expect them to proofread marketing materials or have the knowledge base necessary to understand where the memory controller resides can you? That's asking a lot from someone that's just a tech journalist.
  • max0x7ba - Thursday, October 4, 2018 - link

    Team Group Xtreem "8Pack Edition" 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 PC4-32000C18 4000MHz Quad Channel Kit Review.

    My motherboard is ASUS Maximus IX Hero, CPU Intel Core i7-7700k.

    The memory doesn't pass POST when all 4 dimms are installed, ASUS Q-Code error 55 and 49. Some 2 dimms work well, some don’t. Spent 6 hours trying to make 4 dimms work by tweaking BIOS settings without any luck. This memory seems incompatible with my system.

    On the other hand, I installed 4x8GB dimms of G.Skill Trident Z 4000MHz into the same system and it works well out of the box. Hence, my system is capable of handling 4 sticks of ddr4-4000MHz.

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