Netgear 3DHD Wireless Home Theatre Networking Kit

NETGEAR has introduced their latest 4x4 MIMO wireless bridge device designed specifically for video data. This isn't an area where we've focused a lot of time in the past...

37 by Cameron Butterfield on 2/25/2011

ASRock ION 3D - A Next Generation ION HTPC

ASRock has yet another Mini PC in its lineup, this one makes use of an Atom dual-core processor and NVIDIA ION Graphics. In this review we will attempt to...

30 by Cameron Butterfield on 1/14/2011

Compro Technologies IP540 PTZ Camera

There are currently many choices in IP cameras for those looking to monitor their homes and business locations. Today we are looking at an IP PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera offering...

37 by Cameron Butterfield on 10/12/2010

WD TV Live Plus: Western Digital's Latest Media Player Reviewed

The last few years have seen a large number of digital content sources becoming easily accessible to end consumers. Digital content providers such as Netflix have recently been expanding...

81 by Cameron Butterfield on 7/29/2010

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