When AMD originally spun off its foundry business in 2008, the resulting Foundry Company (as it was called back then) was 55.6% ATIC owned and 44.4% AMD owned. Since then the Foundry Company has been rebranded Global Foundries and has been on a march towards independence. Plans for additional fabs and the acquisition of Chartered Semiconductor both strengthened GF as a player in the foundry space. A closer relationship with ARM and its partners has also been a key element of GF's strategy.

AMD has been divesting itself from Global Foundries over the past few years and today announced that it has aquired the remaining shares of the company from AMD (approximately 14% of the company). Global Foundries is now completely independent of AMD, and AMD is now a regular partner/customer of GF's.

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  • MySchizoBuddy - Sunday, March 4, 2012 - link

    ATIC also owns part of AMD as well.
  • chizow - Monday, March 5, 2012 - link

    ATIC is the tech venture capital firm that originally bought GloFo, they just bought the rest of it from AMD so now GloFo is a fully owned subsidiary of ATIC.
  • AnnihilatorX - Monday, March 5, 2012 - link

    AMD has been divesting itself from Global Foundries over the past few years and today announced that it has aquired the remaining shares of the company from AMD

    The above sentence reads strange. The 'it' refers to AMD if you read it naturally because you also have itself and AMD is mentioned first. Then the sentence doesn't make sense.
  • compvter - Monday, March 5, 2012 - link

    i agree, it was kind of odd. Imo sentence should have started with "Over the past few years Amd..."

    I still think it was good thing that amd and gf were separated. I bet there was a lot of business that just couldn't happen because fabs were owned by amd. Now that amd is just a partner, amd´s competitors might actually consider gf over tsmc if price is right. Unfortunately amd can´t beat intel on high performance cpu side at the moment, but hopefully that changes (even though i don't expect that to happen any time soon). I wonder what would have happened to amd if they had chosen not to buy ATI.
  • Mk4ever - Monday, March 5, 2012 - link

    I think if AMD didn't buy ATI, Intel would've bought them. The last thing that happened before AMD bought ATI, was the first and only Intel motherboard having a 3rd party chipset: ATI. Reports were that it was so good that Intel disabled some features (The dual channel memory, IIRC), As it was meant as a low end/budget motherboard. ATI perfectly could've filled the same gap/weakness for either AMD or Intel: Graphics and (to some extent) chipsets, not to mention the APU strategy that looked like a far-fetched imagination at that time. Just before AMD bought ATI, Intel and ATI's relashionship was getting stronger. I think the ~30% (IIRC) premium that AMD paid for ATI was to steer Intel away from a potential competition for ATI.
  • STARK 33 - Monday, March 5, 2012 - link

    The name of the company is GLOBALFOUNDRIES. All caps. All the time. Just like AMD or IBM. It's purely a marketing thing.
  • WeaselITB - Monday, March 5, 2012 - link

    Homer Simpson: [Homer is buying a shirt] ... And I want the monogram to read "M-a-x P-o-w..."
    Store Clerk: Sir, traditionally, mongrams are just your initials.
    Homer Simpson: Max Power doesn't abbrieviate! In his name, each letter is as important as the one that preceded it. Maybe even *more* important... No, *as* important.
    Store Clerk: Fine.
    [She walks away with the shirt to apply the monogram]
    Homer Simpson: And if there's any room left, add a bunch of exclamation points and a pirate flag!
  • peldor - Monday, March 5, 2012 - link

    AMD and IBM are acronyms. I haven't worked out what GLOBALFOUNDRIES stands for yet, but they should probably invest in a little brevity.
  • chizow - Monday, March 5, 2012 - link

    I prefer GloFo tbh, all caps fully spelled out gives them more virtual ink space than they deserve.

    They'll be making DRAM in a few years, flash if they're lucky.
  • Jamahl - Monday, March 5, 2012 - link

    Yeah and you'll be making burgers at McDonalds if you finish high school.

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