T-Mobile G2x - The Display

The word gorgeous doesn’t do the 4” display justice. In this day and age, with most of the high end devices releasing with qHD screens, the WVGA resolution isn’t going to light the world on fire, but it’s an IPS panel that looks pretty phenomenal. Part of that has to do with the colour calibration, which looks pretty spot on (though we unfortunately have no way to verify this on smartphones like we do with notebooks), as well as the greater viewing angles.

Display Brightness

Display Brightness

Display Contrast

Our measured tests say that it’s towards the higher side of average when it comes to brightness and contrast, but definitely still in the middle of the pack. The black levels are not so great, which hurts the contrast ratio, but overall, it’s not particularly otherworldly from a measurable standpoint. Solid, definitely, but I’d say the display looks better than the numbers indicate. The white point of 7000 K is slightly cooler than the Sensation’s display (6500 K), but warmer than Samsung’s Infuse (8000 K). Samsung tends to use oversaturated blues, in my experience, so it’s pretty consistent.

But as much as I like the G2x’s display, the Sensation’s qHD display is probably a better bet. It’s just as bright and still very good looking, as well as getting you the higher pixel density. It’s not quite up to the Retina Display 300+ PPI level, but it’s getting there - 256 PPI is nothing to scoff at. I’ve noticed that Android tends to work better with more screen real estate, so the Sensation has the edge with 35% more pixels at your disposal.

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  • halcyon - Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - link

    ...but, when will you review GS2?

    I know you like to review operator models, but the original non-operator version of GS2 has been out for over three months already and it's the best thing since sliced bread, everybody says.

    I'm sure you could get one directly from Samsung or afford to source one from an online retailer at RRP.

    Really looking forward to that review.
  • quiksilvr - Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - link

    If there is a newer version of Sunspider out why wouldn't the phones be tested on that instead of the old version?
  • bplewis24 - Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - link

    Because if you run all of the new phones on the newer version only, there will be no way to compare them to the old phones run on the older version of the test (unless you re-run every single phone on the new version).
  • Brian Klug - Thursday, August 4, 2011 - link

    We'll eventually move over to the new version as it runs similar tests with a few improvements, but also has a much shorter runtime.

  • MobileMenace - Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - link

    The table lists the screen size as 4.3in, but is actually 4.0.

    Is the Bluetooth streaming fixed for CM7 on G2x? That has kept me from using it, since I use that frequently. I haven't tried it recently, but it seemed to run stable several weeks ago.
  • beepboy - Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - link

    Is that a Honda Dizzy (Distributor), from a Civic engine perhaps?
  • Sansnombre - Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - link

    I see the phone, no big woop -- standard issue -- but what the h is it resting against? Good Lord, is that a distributor, circa 1978?! Or perhaps a mint example of the original electromechanical RAID distributing concept being used as a paperweight/photo accessory . . .
  • VivekGowri - Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - link

    Sixth-gen Accord, actually.
  • Chaser - Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - link

    I love my Sensation :) And T-Mobile gave me an upgrade price for the Sensation that replaced my G2x.
  • aegisofrime - Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - link

    Nope, it's 0.9. I made sure to run the same version as you guys do. Here's the results. Apologies for the URL shortener but as you know the link for the results is fiendishly long.


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